Top Tips For Setting Up A Fun Treasure Hunt

Among the most fun adventure days for children, treasure hunts can be as elaborate or as simple as you like but they are filled with wonderful memories, exciting exploration and help to foster creativity and lateral thinking.

There is a reason why shows such as Finders Keepers, Interceptor and of course Treasure Hunt itself were popular; there is a joy to reading clues, following those creative instructions and being rewarded with a treasure you earned, irrespective of its actual value.

Treasure hunts can be as small as a scavenger hunt in a house on a rainy day or as broad as to take place across an entire park or city, but regardless, many of the ways to make the hunt memorable at the same regardless.


Think About Your Theme

Treasure hunts can take on any theme you can imagine, from the classic hunt for pirate gold to adventures through space, through fantasy worlds and across ancient history.

Think about the kids who are going to take part in the adventure and consider what they are interested in, and factor your theme around those.

This is the first point to consider, as it will determine your prizes, your clues, how you will display these clues and whether you will need to buy a costume or props.


Start At The End

Outside of deciding your theme, the first decision you need to make is to work out where your endpoint will be, and how long you want your adventure to be.

Once you have that, work backwards, creating clues and hiding treasures in a way that will lead your team from the start point to the end.


Rhymes And Riddles Rule

Clues can come in all shapes and sizes but they should be written to fit your theme, as well as the age of your team.

Riddles are a great option for older players who like the idea of thinking more laterally, but rhymes also work for younger kids.

Make sure your clues fit the theme as well, from using “ye olde English” if you are doing a fantasy-themed treasure hunt, to fitting the themes around dinosaurs or characters from a favourite show.

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