The Brilliance of Beetles

Iridescent, vivid, gleaming, and even glowing in the dark, beetles are some of the most spectacularly beautiful sights in the natural world.

There are 15,000 species of them on the planet, over 4,000 of which can be found in the British Isles.

The Adventure Aunt’s Beetle Adventure is not only completely fascinating and exciting, but enormous creative fun: using all sorts of highly unexpected materials, we create beetle collections to make the curators of the Natural History Museum green with envy.

Full of glowing colours and textures, with specially-concocted ‘Latin’ names, these fabulous creations are perfect Christmas presents, especially in box frames.  They are a 21st century equivalent of the framed Victorian insect collection, but way more decorative and fun, and not a single beetle is hurt during their creation.

Beetles are wondrous beasts, with all sorts of unique skills for finding food and defending themselves.  They come in every colour of the rainbow and more besides.  From ladybirds to stag beetles, jewel beetles to the Bombardier Beetle, which sprays its enemies with acid gathered from the ants it eats, they’re guaranteed to surprise you. The Adventure Aunt would love to tell you all about them and show you some of her favourites.

Perhaps one of the world’s most special beetles is Scarabaeus Saturus, the Dung Beetle, which navigates on its nocturnal journeys using the Milky Way.  No, not the chocolate bar; they vastly prefer eating other animals’ poo.  Eeeeuw, Gross, Yuk, I hear you scream, but you must admit they’re pretty enterprising and talented, and they were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians, for whom they symbolised the Sun God Khepri.

Come and beetle about with the Adventure Aunt.  Fun and amazement are guaranteed.

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