How To Channel Your Inner Tigger

The Adventure Aunt brings to life the greatest stories of childhood, and few have been enjoyed by successive generations so much as Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh with his jar of honey, nervous Piglet, glum Eeyore, faithful Kanga and Roo, wise Owl, bouncy Tigger and the philosophical Christopher Robin have been favourites since A A Milne first conjured them up in the 1920s.

Of all these, Tigger is the most fun. Even bouncier than Kanga and Roo, his character has none of the fierceness that one might associate with a tiger. He is infectiously enthusiastic and more than a little clumsy. His playful, joyful attitude to life is something we could all do with, especially in a party setting – which is why everyone should channel their inner Tigger.

In the Disney cartoon song, Tigger explains what is so great about Tiggers: “their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs”. They are “full of vim and vigour”. But the greatest thing about Tigger, he said, was that “I’m the only one.”

That, however, just won’t do. At the Adventure Aunt’s parties full of children in tiger outfits there are many more Tiggers than one, which means loads of enthusiasm, bouncing, fun and jollity.

Tigger is the antithesis of Eeyore, and of course in life we will meet people who are at these opposite ends of the spectrum; indeed our own moods can swing to similar extremes. The Adventure Aunt believes, though, that channelling your inner Tigger is the way to go. Counter Eyoreishness and see everything in as positive a light as possible, and you’ll make life a joy for yourself and for others.

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