Adventurous FAQs

Who is the Adventure Aunt?
The Adventure Aunt is in her early sixties; she has had a wide-ranging creative and academic career in the UK and abroad. She loves children’s company and they love hers. Her eighteen-year-old daughter will be starting university this autumn.

The Adventure Aunt is kind, patient, persistent and has a well-developed sense of humour. She has impressive qualifications and experience, and a boundless creative imagination. She speaks fluent Spanish and a little French and German. She holds an advanced DBS check and a Diploma in Paediatric First Aid.

What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations received up to five days in advance will result in a full refund or a credit note. Cancellations received between 5 days and 48 hours in advance will result in a 50% refund. Refunds will not be made for cancellations received less than 48 hours in advance.

What precautions are you taking for Covid?
Every booking made during the pandemic will be discussed in the light of the latest governmental directions for social distancing. Many adventures may be largely or wholly conducted online, although of course an element of escape from the house is greatly to be desired if it can be safely managed. Regular handwashing and applications of handgel will punctuate any Adventure that involves travel.

Can parents come too?
Parents may of course come on Adventures, especially where younger children are concerned, but it should be borne in mind that parents can cramp children’s style and their potential for fun and learning. If a child feels they’re under their parent’s scrutiny, they are likely to be less willing to let go and throw themselves into the proceedings.

My child has an allergy; will they be safe?
The Adventure Aunt is highly safety-conscious, and in order to facilitate your child’s participation must understand the details of their allergy and requirements. Please telephone before booking to discuss your child’s needs.

My child is disabled. Can they participate?
The Adventure Aunt is keen to facilitate the participation of every child. Please telephone to discuss the details of your child’s requirements.

Are you insured?
It’s very unlikely that anything will go wrong, but the Adventure Aunt has £5m of public liability insurance.

If I book an Adventure Party, can you organise the entire event?
Absolutely. The Adventure Aunt has worked in the Events field for over twenty years, and will be delighted to organise a marvellous party for your child.

What is your behavioural policy?
Children participating in Adventures are expected to be polite, sensible and kind to themselves and each other. It is fine to become excited, but behaviour should be tailored to the environment – what’s appropriate in a park may not be good behaviour in a museum. Anyone overstepping the mark will be requested to desist, and if after several warnings they don’t behave, their parents will be asked to take them home or come to fetch them.

Can an Adventure be modified or specially designed for my child?
Certainly it can. The aim of the Adventure Aunt is to give each child the best possible time during which they are engaged, having fun and learning. Please telephone to discuss your child’s particular enthusiasms, or topics that you think might inspire them.

Will my child be safe during Adventures?
The welfare of children is central to the Adventure Aunt’s philosophy and activities; all children have an equal right to protection from all types of harm and abuse. The Adventure Aunt is DBS-checked. She listens to children, respects them and follows best practice in child protection and safeguarding.


‘I love the Adventure Aunt. We went hunting for tigers in the museum and I got a tiger cake as a prize.’ Rosie, aged 8