Adventures in doing and thinking that explore places, people, objects and ideas. Lasting 1-6 hours and led by the Adventure Aunt, all the activities are exciting, absorbing and educational. Children love them.

A New World

Our children are inheriting a world that is brave, new and full of challenges and opportunities. Currently our situation is being shaken like a snow globe: circumstances and ideas are being radically altered. Some may settle afresh, others may continue to whirl and eddy, subject to change and a new sense of direction.

Children can be equipped to respond to this new world with resilience, creativity, agility and purpose, but this extended teaching takes time and energy which hard-working parents don’t always have. The learning process must be fun, or no child would agree to it. This is where The Adventure Aunt comes in.

Three New Rs

Reading, Writing and Rithmetic are well taught in this country, but the three new Rs are equally important: Resilience, Reasoning and Responsibility. In addition to developing those qualities, it is vital to children’s future happiness, both personal and professional, that they learn to understand how observation, appreciation, initiative, concentration and application can combine to produce exciting results.

The Adventure Aunt collects your child after school, at the weekend or during the holidays, or meets them online, and takes them on a wonderful adventure. This can include art, history, science, music, literature and poetry, geography, theatre, archaeology… almost anything your child might like, or that you might like them to like! It can be tailored around their interests, or designed to awaken new ones. It can take anything between one and six hours.

“The Adventure Aunt has a magical aura about her that makes her fascinating to children. My son always comes back raving about the adventures they’ve been on together, and I can see his curiosity and love of learning growing under her care.”

Franki, Sydenham